Get Stoned - Personalized Digital Portrait

$98.00 USD - $529.00 USD

Unique to You | Personalized Pot Portrait

Our artists will use your photograph to create a unique cannabis-infused work of art!

Potify Me Now| Quick Digital Download

Highlight your personal connection to weed with this dank self-portrait available to be downloaded within 48 Hours!


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This artwork is made available in 3 sizes:

16×24″ (40x61cm)

24×36″ (61x91cm)

32×48″ (81x122cm)

or choose Digital Download and print yourself!

Premium Materials

Thick 15oz woven denier fabric outperforms traditional cotton canvas with reproducing rich vibrant color and details while offering increased durability at a lower environmental cost.

A True Work of Art

Garnish your sacred smoking abode with this unique crafted cannabis artwork. Print it out at your local print shop and hang it next to your volcano.

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