Stunning Digital Paint Tutorial

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The Ultimate Digital Paint Design Class is here.  Would you like to learn how to create one-of-a-kind masterpieces that will leave everyone in awe?
Once you have purchased the tutorial, you will have access to the lesson videos and you will be able to go through the lessons on your own schedule, and as many times as you want.





The miracle is this: The more we share the more we have.
— Leonard Nimoy
Hello, my name is Jean and I have been creating beautiful captivating art for the past couple of years.   Although I don’t have any formal education, my artwork is in constant demand and everyone loves my creations.
Creativity is Everywhere and is for Everyone.  Why not create something so unique, so beautiful, and eye-catching that others will want to own as it resonates with them at every glance?
Look at some of the art I have created and if this is something you connect with then I can teach you.  Once you find out how easy it is to create art, some call breath-taking, YOU WILL appreciate how little it costs to learn these techniques.
I feel we need more art in the world to lift up our spirits and recover from all the negativity taking place on our planet.  You can even earn a decent income. Much like I did, many need financial support at this time.
I have seen only a handful of artists in art galleries, popular auctions, Etsy stores, and private websites who use this method I’m going to teach you.  See below three examples of these artists who earn well above average revenue for selling their sensational pieces.

What you are going to learn

1.  How to create art that is very unique and very challenging to accomplish manually.  (sometimes nearly impossible)
2. How to take your original artwork (a drawing or paint pour) for example and transform it into something magical!

What you will need

1.  A computer and an internet connection (exactly what you are using now!)
2. 20-35 minutes to watch step by step videos

What you don’t need

1.  An art degree or any painting, drawing experience
2.  Photo editing or illustration software programs like Photoshop or Illustrator


painting tutorial
Paint Pour + Cat Photo = Integrated Art
digital painting course
painting class
Take your Pet Portraits to a whole new WOW!
It took 4 minutes to create this FACEPLANT!
paint tutorial
PURR-fectly Stunning!
You don’t have to sell obviously but for those who are eager to up their game, I have included artists who use the same technique I’m going to teach you.   
learn to create
peggy collins artist



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